News 5 reasons software updates are important

5 reasons software updates are important

5 reasons software updates are important

5 reasons software updates are important

Updating software isn’t limited to laptops, tablets and mobile phones. Your TREND Networks cable certifier or tester’s software will also need to be regularly updated in order to ensure you are getting the most out of your device.
When it comes to updating the software on your TREND Networks cable 

1. Enjoy new features

As technologies evolve and new standards are implemented, installing updates becomes necessary in order to add new features and remove old ones that may have become obsolete. These improvements may help to streamline reporting, troubleshooting or job planning, saving you time and money. Our software updates also frequently introduce capabilities such as different language options, to make the testers as user friendly as possible, for installers and technicians worldwide.

2. Improve performance

 TREND Networks software engineers are constantly reviewing software to avoid bugs and making the necessary enhancements to improve the performance of all our cable testers and verifiers. Just like any other electronic device, routine updates are required to ensure optimum functionality and speed.

3. Ensure compatibility

TREND Networks provides regular updates to ensure our software is compatible with the latest technology and can support the cable and network types, and the standards, that our users work with. For selected testers, updates can also ensure full compatibility with all the latest features of the TREND AnyWARE Cloud online test management system.

4. Avoid security concerns

Security is the number one reason to regularly check for and update to the latest software, especially on cloud connected devices. Cybercriminals are constantly searching for software vulnerabilities in order to access a company’s network and plant malware.

Malware allows these criminals to take control of computers and steal information. Regularly updated security patches in our software help to block these open doors and protect the device from attacks. With each software update, consider updating passwords for another level of protection.

5. Protect data

Should a cybercriminal gain access to a network, they will typically attempt to search for personal data such as usernames, passwords, financial information, and any other documents that may contain sensitive information. This information will then often be sold on the dark web. Though your tester does not tend to be a gateway to personal or financial information, ensuring your software is up to date still plays a vital part in preventing security vulnerabilities and protecting your test data.