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The tester range falls into three distinct categories, data cable testers, network testers and telecom/enterprise testers.
The data cable tester range includes easy to use copper and fibre testers for cable verification, Ethernet transmission testing and cable certification that provide proof of performance.
The unique network tester range helps to pinpoint and solve networking issues quickly. They decrease downtime by allowing field technicians to discover the root cause of network connectivity issues such as incorrect IP configuration, rogue network services, network bandwidth issues and PoE supply problems.
The telecom testers are designed for mobile backhaul and broadband access using copper, fibre and wireless networks. They offer full Ethernet testing of carrier service turn-up, mobile backhaul link, microwave and wireless link and for enterprise users to monitor carriers’ SLA performance.

The LAN tester division of Acterna (formally Wavetek) based in San Diego, USA was acquired by IDEAL INDUSTRIES. Offering a broad range of electronic test instruments with a primary focus on application specific instruments for testing voice, video and data networks.
They launched the first hand held Cat 5 cable certifier (LANTech 100) in 1993. Since then we have developed many market firsts including; first tester for Class F/FA, first dedicated tester for Cat 6A; first to include a tone generator and colour screen; first to have an autotest button on the remote to save time. The LanTEK® II series of cable certifiers continues to be one of our most successful products today.
Trend Communications based in Maidenhead, UK was founded in 1965 and was acquired by IDEAL INDUSTRIES in 2004. Trend was recognised worldwide as a leader of hand held test equipment in ATM, xDSL, SDH/Sonet, Gigabit Ethernet, and IP testing.
They were market leader for ISDN testers throughout the World with the Aurora product range. Other products included Tempest that provided secure telecommunications for the Military.
Trend Communications was merged with IDEAL INDUSTRIES and rebranded IDEAL Industries Networks Division (now IDEAL Networks Division). As a consequence of the merger a new European R&D Centre was created in the UK focused on developing the next generation of LAN and WAN testers.
Today: With this great heritage, we are now a major manufacturer of portable test equipment with true heritage and expertise in both LAN and WAN installation and maintenance.
We continue to offer the best level of support to customers from our sales and technical offices in Warrington, UK; Paris, France; Munich, Germany and Sycamore, USA. New products are developed and designed continuously with the customer in mind from the R&D Centre based in Stokenchurch, UK.

5 reasons software updates are important
5 reasons software updates are important

Your TREND Networks cable certifier or tester’s software will also need to be regularly updated in order to ensure you are getting the most out of your device.

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